The following is meant to serve as a glossary including some common terms surrounding racism and anti-racist work. Click the term to view its definition.

A subtle form of racism where one overtly endorses racial equality while at the same time holds unconscious negative feelings toward a target group (Dovidio & Gaertner, 2004)

“Conduct, speech, or expression that is motivated by bias or prejudice but does not involve a criminal act” 

(SPLC Ten Ways to Fight Hate 8/14/2017)

“…behavior that creates, maintains, or reinforces advantage for some groups and their members over other groups and their members.” (Dovidio, Hewstone, Glick, & Esses, 2010, p. 10)

“A crime must happen, such as physical assault, intimidation, arson, or vandalism; and the crime must be motivated, in whole or in part, by bias”.

(SPLC Ten Ways to Fight Hate 8/14/2017)

Attitudes that exist outside of one’s conscious awareness 

“Everyday subtle and often automatic ‘put-downs’ and insults directed toward Blacks” (Sue, 2010, p.5)

“A feeling, favorable or unfavorable, toward a person…prior to, or not based on, actual experience” (Allport, 1954).

An arbitrary social construct that categorizes people based on perceived inherited, usually but not limited to physical, traits (Allport, 1954).

Explicit (overt) or Implicit (covert) endorsement of policy or practices that establish or maintain inequities between perceived racial groups.

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A generalization about a group of people in which certain traits are assigned to virtually all members of the group, regardless of actual variation among the members


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