Our Mission

Our Mission


A world free of racism


To promote the use of psychological science to reduce racial inequities. We are a non-profit, non-partisan, organization that informs interested parties on the psychological processes that underlie racism and advocates for evidence-based solutions that can bring about substantive change. We aim to be a reputable source for understanding and dismantling racism.

We adhere to values of equality, antiracism, and atonement. Our work will be grounded in oppression theory, will be data-driven, and focus on evidence-based solutions. Our organization will demonstrate values of accountability, diversity, inclusivity, integrity, and transparency. We believe that:

Equality and Anti-racism 

  • There are no inherent differences among racial groups.
  • Racial equality can be achieved.¬†
  • Wealth, health, and other racial disparities across the globe reflect divergent experiences of accumulated systemic historic and contemporary racism.
  • Revisionist histories have obscured truthful dialogue and understanding of racism. Education, language, and the framework around histories should be honest and holistic.
  • Anti-racist legislation combined with systemic restructuring, societal education, and action are keys to eradicating racism.


  • Historic and contemporary harms perpetrated against Black people and
    predominantly Black nations must be acknowledged and repaired. This must
    occur at every level of government by every nation that participated in and/or
    benefitted from, or continues to benefit from, the transatlantic slave trade,
    subsequent, and contemporary racist oppression.
  • Integral aspects of atonement include acknowledgment of historic and continuing harms, restitution, reparation, and commitment to non-continuation of harm.

Accountability, Integrity, Quality, Reputability

  • Dissemination of well-constructed, data-driven, evidence-based solutions for
    dismantling racism shall provide a basis for bringing about lasting change
  • Our work shall demonstrate an objective analysis of data regardless of the
  • The outcomes of our work shall not be influenced by the desires of funding sources.
  • Accountability and transparency of our work shall be demonstrated to stakeholders through regular reporting on project status, outcomes, and impacts, as well as on our financial status.

Organizational Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Diversity within our organization shall reflect our belief in the inherent value and
    ability of people of different backgrounds and life experiences to advocate for the equality of Black people across the globe.
  • Our organization members shall participate in continuing education and
    self-reflection on human stratification processes to strive to not participate in any forms of anti-Black racism or to malign members of any other group.

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