Who We Are

Who We Are

Soren Barnett
Policy Fellow

Lakshya Bommireddy
Contributing Writer
Media & Culture

Lisa Brockenbrough  Sanon-Jules, Ed.D.
Contributing Writer
Higher Ed

Karen Dentler
Editor, Administrator

Laya Bommireddy
Policy Fellow
Racial Segregation

Madison Gerdes
Policy Fellow
Criminal Justice & Media

Sarah Roberts
Contributing Writer
Environmental Justice

Soren Barnett - Policy Fellow

I conduct research and write about anti-Black racism and racial ideologies across the globe. My work aims to provide the specific historical and ideological contexts, through post-colonial frameworks, behind the manifestations of anti-Black racism in different countries. I believe this context is crucial in determining how to dismantle racism effectively in each place. I am currently in the Yahel Social Change Fellowship, after completing a BA in International Affairs and in French at Skidmore College.

Lakshya Bommireddy - Contributing Writer

I provide broader insight and coverage of topics integrating research, data, and forward-thinking analyses with an anti-racist approach. My background is in Media Arts and Sciences, and I’m particularly interested in the mechanics of social reproduction and the role of collective imagination and prefiguration in media and culture, and how they relate to anti-racist institutional practices or material change for a healthier, just society.

Lisa Brockenbrough Sanon-Jules, Ed.D. - Contributing Writer

I conduct research and write about the legacy and prevalence of racism in education. My work tends to focus on the need for effective remedies and structural changes to make institutions of higher education safe spaces for faculty, staff and students. My work investigates how we can use fact-based approaches to change hearts, minds and practices through policy changes. I work in the field of higher education administration and teach as an adjunct faculty for courses in community engagement, leadership and women studies. 

Karen Dentler - Editor, Administrator

I assist with administration, project management, and communications.  I have over 20 years of experience in academic and student affairs in higher education. In addition, I have also worked with education technology start-ups. I currently serve as the Special Projects Manager at a local newspaper in New Jersey. I have an MA in higher education administration from the University of Michigan and a BA in philosophy from Colgate University.

Laya Bommireddy - Policy Fellow

I conduct research and write about racial residential segregation. My work sets out to identify causes of racial segregation and the combined institutional and social influences which enable it today. Our research also focuses on discussing and finding evidence-based solutions to atone for this crisis and to implement integration practices. I will be attending Wellesley College in the fall of 2021.

Madison Gerdes - Policy Fellow

I conduct research and write about race, crime, and the criminal justice system. My work spans multiple areas of the criminal justice system, including policing, the school-to-prison pipeline, and even media coverage of crime. I aim to bridge the gap between research and policy, informing policy development with sound evidence. I am currently obtaining a PhD in criminology and justice policy.

Sarah Roberts - Contributing Writer

I received a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University. Currently I am a member of my town’s Environmental Commission, I am an Advisor to the Shade Tree Committee and the Open Space Committee, I represent the Environmental Commission on the Planning Board, and I am the Vice President of Montgomery Friends of Open Space.

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