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America’s Early Childhood Literacy Crisis

New Jersey ranks lowest among states for literacy progress. 

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Maryland ranks 2nd to last in literacy progress.

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America’s School-to-Prison Pipeline

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Implicit Bias in Police Training: What Works?

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Maternal Mortality Disparities: Is Implicit Bias Training Effective?

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Structural changes must be implemented to reduce implicit bias

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Anti-Black Racism in Israel

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Anti-Black Racism in the United Kingdom

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Upcoming Webinar!

We invite you to join The Racial Equity Initiative’s Martin Luther King Day of Service webinar in collaboration with Global Citizen 365.  

Monday January 17th at 11:00 am.  

Just Discipline: An Antidote to the School to Prison Pipeline 

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Psychology of Racism - When Does Implict Bias Training Work? - The Racial Equity Initiative


Psychological processes that are otherwise adaptive for human functioning can also maintain racial hierarchy. One of these is implicit or unconscious bias.

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Maternal and Infant Mortality - The Racial Equity Initiative


The United States ranks last among industrialized nations in maternal mortality rates and Black women are more than 3 times as likely to die from pregnancy related conditions compared to women of other ethnic and racial groups.

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Higher Education - The Racial Equity Initiative


Black faculty are significantly underrepresented in American institutions of Higher Education.  Institutional racism and accumulated implicit bias have been discussed as contributing factors to this racial disparity.

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Anti-Black Racism Across the Globe

What is Racism?

what causes racism?

“American ancestors took…Black people forcibly from their homes so that White men could more easily acquire wealth. By suppressing and exploiting and degrading Black people into slavery the White man was able to have an easier life. I really think that it is as a result of a desire to maintain this condition that modern prejudices stem.”

– Albert Einstein On Race And Racism: Bucky, P.A. (1992). The Private Albert Einstein. In Jerome, F. & Taylor, R. (2005) In Einstein On Race And Racism (P. 151).

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when did racism begin?

“Richard Mather and John Cotton inherited from the English thinkers of their generation the old racist ideas that African slavery was natural and normal and holy. These racist ideas were nearly two centuries old when Puritans used them in the 1630s to legalize and codify New England slavery – and Virginians had done the same in the 1620s.”

(Kendi, 2017, p. .22)

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racism's consequences

“…The act of moving about and navigating spaces with those whom society has trained to believe are inherently different from us is killing people…prejudice can be deadly.”

(Wilkerson, 2020; p. 304).

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racism's mechanisms

“The primary means by which societies produce and maintain group-based social hierarchy is through the use of institutional [systemic] discrimination…the way that social institutions – schools, business, government bureaucracies, and [collective individual actions] disproportionately allocate positive social value (e.g., high social status, good health care, good housing) to dominants and allocate negative social value (low social status, poor housing, long prison sentences, torture, executions) to subordinates.”

(Sidanius & Pratto, 1999, p.127).

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