Intergroup Contact in Schools

Intergroup Contact in Schools

Youth With Positive Intergroup Contact Attitudes Are More Popular1

By Pharrell Allen

In a study that examined the influence of Intergroup Contact Attitudes (ICA) on friendships, researchers found:

  • Youths with  positive  ICAs  were more likely to be selected as a friend.
  • Youths with  positive  ICAs   were more popular and more likely to select friends across racial groups. 
  • Adolescents whose friends have positive  ICAs adopt or maintain positive ICAs.  
  • Adolescents tend to maintain positive ICAs over time.

Sample demographics:  Students were on average 12 years of age attending  sixth, seventh, and eighth grades in an urban midwest middle school.  They were comprised of Asian American and Pacific Islander (9%), African American (28%), Latino (13%), Multiracial (11%), Native American (1%), White (31%), and Other Race (5%).  

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