The Status of African Peoples

The Status of African Peoples

Melbourne, Australia

Anti-Black racism proliferated throughout the world to facilitate the European transatlantic slave (see When Did Racism Begin?) beginning in the 15th century.

The ultimate outcomes for Blacks across the world may be similar in terms of poverty, poorer health, and overall poorer quality of life, but the mechanisms used to accomplish the degradation of Black people can differ by country.  In other words, the specific ideological, historical, and social contexts encompassing anti-Black racism may differ from one country to another.  When considering racial hierarchy as a global phenomenon it is essential to understand these contexts.  This can help to shed light on how addressing anti-Black racism can converge with a global narrative yet diverge within a specific context.   

Our goal is to raise public awareness and expand the narrative from slavery as an American problem to racial hierarchy as a globally initiated, organized, and maintained, phenomenon that must be globally dismantled.

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