Understanding the Nature of Prejudice in Society and The Workplace

Testimonies “Thank you for facilitating an enriching and vibrant discussion on how we can take a leading role in bringing about positive change in organizations, schools, and/or our communities… we hope you will come back to present again in 2021” “Hello Dr. Donnay, thank you for a wonderful presentation. I would love to connect to …

Understanding the Causes and Mechanisms of Racism

Testimonies “I wanted to let you know how your presentation continues to impact me and to thank you. The illustrations of what (so complex) underpins racism- and what perpetuates the continuation brought my learning and awareness to deepening levels. And it continues.” “We have had texts, emails, and phone calls telling us what your presentations …

How Do We Raise Children To Have Racial Empathy?

May 26th, 2021, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Eastern How Do We Raise Children To Have Racial Empathy? How Early Life Experiences Shaped the Racial Views of Local Activists A Panel Discussion of non-Blacks (moderated by a Black woman) Paul Blodgett Lucky Bommireddy Yuri  Marder Amy Miller  Moderated by Sandra M. Donnay, Ph.D.


Just Discipline: An Antidote to The School to Prison Pipeline

Dismantling Racism Starts Here: ELIMINATE THE SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE Nationally, about 38% of Black children experience out -of-school- suspensions while Blacks comprise only about 13% of the American population.  Out of school suspensions do not work, and channels Black children out of public schools and into the criminal justice system. We invite you to join …


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